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Welcome to Cirqo!
Wed, 24 Feb 2010 18:22:54 +0000

Cirqo. What is it?

It's a means to bring together all the different means of communication in the Internet into an easy and clean apparatus.

You can use Cirqo as your source of messaging. Cirqo can serve as a means for you to gather and sort information. And Cirqo's flexibility allows you to control the boundries of how you use Cirqo.

Plus, one of the features of Cirqo that is second to none is the fact that it works on just about any device with Internet access. With even a simple web browser, you never lose touch if you use Cirqo to communicate with your friends, family, or clients. Any Internet destination, such as bloggers and e-commerce operators, that integrate Cirqo into their websites will gain flexible means communicate with their readers and customers.

And, more importantly, it's all free.

Chieh Cheng is the architect-in-chief of Cirqo. Chieh developed every single code of Cirqo from the ground up. All the great features on Cirqo was made possible by his programming magic. And the coming features in development will rely on Chieh to oversee the development. And he has done a great job as the caretaker on the grounds of Cirqo.

In the coming days, new and exciting features will be added to Cirqo that will blow wide-open how we can communicate and share information.

And I'm Paul Chang. I'm the guy who picks up Chieh's lunch. Yeah. Seriously.

I'll be sharing with you our thoughts about Cirqo and anything that comes to our mind.

As always, we look forward to hear from you on Cirqo.


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What are you doing now?
Wed, 19 Aug 2009 01:23:21 +0000

So? What are you doing now?

Miniblogs are all the rage now and will grow in popularity with the advent of mobile devices such as the Danger, Blackberries, and, hmm...what's that multi-touch phone that everyone's been talking about? Oh well...

The point is that we are on the cusp of a new revolutionary way of communicating. We all are aware of the fact that for years, mobile workers have had access to their laptops that allowed them to take a portion of their office data with them on business or sales trips. Then with wireless communication, mobile workers, or mobilites as I like to call them, can now literally work out of their office. Once a feature no one dared to dream of, mobile broadband is almost a required armament of the mobilite if he or she wants to compete effectively.

And when they don't need their laptops, the mobilites have their Blackberries (soon, the iPhone) to keep them updated on what's going on back at the office. Pretty soon, way of life will be so pervasive that everyone will have a mobile device (notice I didn't say phone) that allows them to talk, surf the web, listen to music, or keep tabs on whatever work, kids, or social life they've got.

Cirqo is simply facilitating this process. For over a year, Cirqo has grown in features and our chief software guru, Chieh who has done more than anyone could ever ask, will continue to make sure Cirqo has the ease of use and effectiveness needed for any mobilites.

Now, we've got a new feature. It's a small blogging app that lets you create short updates, comments, or any messages you want to share right on your profile page. And anyone of your buddies will have access to it.

You instantly have followers and you will have the ability to keep in touch with your friends, families, or co-workers wherever you are. Update everyone as you backpack through Europe. Birth of a new member in your family. March Madness is coming and give your inner play-by-play commentator a voice.

A very powerful tool. Now. What do we call it? Miniblog as it is currently called? I don't think so. So, we like you to help us with that. Otherwise, I'm going with WAUDlog (What Are You Doing log). Whether you like it or not, let us know.

Drop us a line about it. Drop us a line about anything Cirqo and we'll talk.


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It Works Great!
Fri, 30 May 2008 00:49:32 +0000

And why wouldn't it?

Oh, sorry. I should have mentioned what I'm talking about. Cirqo. It works beautifully as expected.

In our increasingly connected world, which I can wait to be more connected wirelessly, we need constant access to information as well as sharing information with others.

I was listening to an NPR podcast about regarding President Bush's trip to Africa. No, this isn't a pro- or con- against the President. It was simply a piece that was a focus on the aid provided to African farmers.

Through their cell phones, they are able to communicate with suppliers and buyers. According to the report, they have begun to compete on the global market in just a few short years. That is the power of information exchange. In the past, donor nations would provide the seeds for the crop but the farmers had no idea who to sell to. Now, things are different.

It is not a stretch to believe that in a few more years, their normal cell phones will be updated with additional wireless features that will function as nerve centers for their farms.

And while setting up e-mails on a phone is a complicated procedure that I equate to try to set the clock on a VCR (VCR is a. . .oh, never mind), using instant information exchange services is much more practical, not to mention easier.

What will such an exchange offer? I like to hear more from what people think about it.

I'll just received my XO (from the Give1Get1 promotion from OLPC). I'll be talking a bit about what such a device means.


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Welcome To A New Year
Sat, 09 Feb 2008 07:34:27 +0000

Didn't we just have a new year? Like 39 days ago?

Yeah, this is the Chinese New Year. Two a year. Not bad at all.

With with this "new" year, Chieh has graced us all with some new improvements and new features.

I'm especially excited about them and he's currently working on even more implementations.

As usually, we're open and ready to listen to whatever you want to talk about. Cirqo or any other subjects. It's important for us to remember the effectiveness of Cirqo as a new format and platform for communication.

I won't tell you exactly what the new features and improvements are. Explore and look around. I do want to tell you one feature you'll immediately like but may have taken for granted. It's the status of the user. It now shows the online status of the user.

You're probably thinking that this is already implemented with other IM services. Well, let me tell you that Cirqo isn't just another IM platform. You'll see why soon :)


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Welcome to 2008!
Tue, 22 Jan 2008 00:15:54 +0000

It's a new year and we made some minor changes to Cirqo.

You will likely notice them if you're a frequent user. Ultimately, the key vision for Cirqo remained the same: allowing Cirqo to be accessible on any device with simply a browser and Internet access.

Cirqo lacks many of the more modern features that would qualify it as a Web 2.0 application, ease of use with the complication that can stem of trying to cram as much features and looks that must users will not use or care about.

Commication is what Cirqo is about. Fast. Easy. Anywhere and anytime. It combines the addictive nature of instant messaging and allows you to receive your messages only when you log on.

Casual Web gaming is not new but a growing part of the Internet. We recently added a section on the frontpage wholly dedicated to Internet gaming.

Another update that we look forward to include in on the frontpage is Cirqo's focus on the Presidential election of 2008. We will update information on the political drama that will have a great impact on your life.

As a political addict, I am personally looking forward to this.

As always, if there is anything you like us to know, please feel free write us a note or two.


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